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Talkonaut for iPhone beta testing programe

Talkonaut for iPhone beta testing programe

4th of May 2010.

We are pleased to announce a closed beta testing programe of our Talkonaut VoIP software for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch. If you are intersted in participating in this programe, please send us the UDID for your Apple's device to Here below is the instruction on how to obtain UDID:

    1. Connect your iPhone or iPod to your computer and start iTunes.

    2. Click on your iPhone/iPod on the left navigation bar under devices.

    3. Under the summary tab, there is a label - Serial Number.

    4. Click on the label - it changes to Identifier (UDID). Note that this label looks like nothing more than just text -- it's not highlighted or otherwise marked to indicate that you can click on it.

    5. Hit Ctrl C or Cmd C (if on a Mac) since you will not be able to simply select the UDID and copy it

    6. Paste the UDID in your email, notepad, word, etc and save it for future reference or send over email to


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