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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: On what mobile handsets and PDAs the Talkonaut runs on ?

  A: Talkonaut application is designed to be able to fluently run on almost any J2ME capable handset with MIDP-2.0 and CLDC-1.0 support. Though, some handsets might be throublesome to run Talkonaut on. To help with that we are keeping the list of handsets and PDAs with their status regarding to run the Talkonaut. If your handset is not on the list, that does not mean it is not supported. It just has not been checked yet.

  A: There's a native Symbian S60 version of Talkonaut available, check download page.

Q: Do I need to have data plan enabled to use Talkonaut ?

  A: Yes. Talkonaut establishes a TCP/SSL connection to Jabber or Google Talk servers.

  A: Talkonaut for Symbian S60 also uses data connection to transmite VoIP media traffic.

Q: How much GPRS traffic does Talkonaut consume ?

  A: Depends on how much you chat. Usually, text messages are very short and don't make any significant traffic. But, if you have a very long roster with thousands of contacts it may become effective, since Talkonaut periodically receives precense information from each contact enlisted.

  A: Making calls with Talkonaut 4.0 over data connection consumes quite a lot of traffic. The average is 1.3Kbytes/sec each direction.

Q: Do voice calls go over GPRS too ?

  A: Yes, but only in Talkonaut 4.0 for Symbian S60.

  A: Java version of Talkonaut utilizes "callback" technique to make voice calls. This means, when it is necessary, our system (GTalk2VoIP gateway) calls back to your mobile phone, then calls to your recipient, after that it merges two voice calls in one.

Q: Is Takonaut application free ?

  A: Talkonaut is available for download free of charge.

Q: Are services provided by Talkonaut freely available too ?

  A: No. You can use Talkonaut for free to send IM messages only. Sending SMS messages and making voice calls initiated by Talkonaut are paid. Though the cost is very low.

  A: Calls made using Talkonaut 4.0 for Symbian S60 to PCs are free (you pay only for your data connection).

Q: How is the call cost calculated ?

  A: Since each call initiated by Talkonaut actually consists of two calls (legs): one is to your mobile phone and the other is to your recipient, so rates for both destinations should be summed to get the cost. This applies for Java version of Talkonaut.

Q: Where can I get call rates ?

  A: You can browse rates on GTalk2VoIP site.

Q: How much does it cost to call Google Talk, MSN or SIP contact using Takonaut ?

  A: All IM voice calls and calls to SIP phones are free. But, you still have to pay for callback calls to your mobile phone (one leg only).

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