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How-To: Registering Jabber account on Talkonaut.COM

In terms of convenience we made possible to register dedicated Jabber accounts right from Talkonaut application. Such accounts are registered on our publicly availabe and federated Jabber server running on

You can register a Jabber account at any time. Either when you start the application and prompted for your credentials, or by visiting Settings menu: Menu->Tools->Settings, you get a dialog like it is shown on the right.

Click the down arrow on pop-up menu or press Select to get list of available account types

If you are using BlackBerry device you have to press "Q/W" and "O/P" keys for left and right softkeys accordingly and push joystick to fill in the text field.

Choose the option Register new Takonaut account to get registration form.

Using navigation keys (or joystick), fill in the following required fields: Press Select and enter your user name,
Press Select and enter your password,
Press Select and verify your password,
Provide the application with the phone number it is running on. This number is required for "callback " feature to operate. If you input incorrect number, you will not be able to make voice calls using Talkonaut.
The phone number must be in International format begining with country code. When you enter it , the application will display country name it belongs to. This may be helpful to check its correctness.
Press Save or Sign-In softkey to start registration.

On success, a new account will be created and connection established to Jabber server. You will get your list of contacts (roster) looking like on the picture. Now you may start using Talkonaut with your new account.
Your presence status is in the top of the dialog and by default is set to Available.
For your new account you will have service contact enlisted (invited automatically). This one is used for communicating to GTalk2VoIP gateway and is not intended for human use.

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