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How-To: Define your SIP accounts and Dialing Plan

Since April 2nd, 2009 this service is a premium service available unlimited for $5 per month subscription fee. To subcribe to this service, please visit your Personal Account Page (Menu->Buy Credits).

This feature of Talkonaut can be useful for those who have SIP accounts on SIP services. You even can make free VoIP calls with this feature if your SIP service provider offers free callings to mobiles. Here below we give your an example on how to use your SIP account with Talkonaut.

Free calling using SIP account from one of predefined SIP providers

Again, free calls are possible only if your SIP service provider allows you free calling to your mobile number. You must understand, that voice calls in Talkonaut are still made using callback technique, so your SIP provider must be able (permit) to perform at least two concurrent calls under same account. A very good example of such provider is

1. Run Talkonaut and go to menu: Menu->SIP->SIP Accounts.

2. If you have not yet defined any SIP accounts (you could be playing with it on GTalk2VoIP site), you will see a dialog with a list of SIP service providers we keep predefined settings for (SIP profiles).


In this example we will use

3. Then, you will be prompted to enter your SIP username and password, like on the picture below:


Click Enable to activate this account. You can use any number of accounts, disabling or enabling them at any time.

The Status: line will show your current SIP Proxy registration status. Upon successful registration you will see something like registered or re-registered, otherwise you will see an error code sent in response by SIP service provider.

4. Click Save and wait a couple of seconds for Talkonaut to register on SIP service. You will get a notification pop-up message like this:


5. Now, when Talkonaut is registered to SIP service, you can make voice calls. When you initiate a call, both call legs (callback to your mobile and call to your recipient) will go through your SIP service provider. Please note, that if your SIP service provider does not offer free minutes you will be charged by them!

Extended settings for SIP accounts

1. If your SIP provider is not one from the list of providers we keep predefined profiles for, you still can use this feature of our application. Just choose Other in the list of SIP providers and you will be prompted for your SIP account technical details:


2. Here you will have to provide proper Host name, Port number and registered username and password appropriate for your SIP service provider.

3. Hit Save to store settings and make Talkonaut register on SIP server you defined.

4. When ready, a notification pop-up message will be displayed to you.

5. Make calls as usual, and they will be made through your SIP service provider.

Using multiple SIP accounts and routing calls between them

1. As it was said above, you can have as many SIP accounts defined in Talkonaut as you like. See picture below:    

2. You can spread calls between all your SIP accounts. To service this, there's a special feature implemented into Talkonaut which is called Dialing Plan. You can access it by Menu->SIP->Dialing Plan


3. You can Add new entries into your Dialing Plan or modify existing.


4. Each entry in your Dialing Plan represents one route. Every route is identified by prefix - leading part of destination phone number this route is used for, and Provider which will be used for this route. If prefix is empty, then that entry is the default route and used to deliver all your calls. There are some other instances in routing entry which may effect call routing procedure, like:

Order - is some order number. If you have more than one entry with same prefix you can organaze the selection of routes by enumerating them.

Truncate digits - a number of leading digits to remove from dialed number when placing calls through this entry. Can be used for some SIP providers which have their own calling schemes not E.164 complient.

Add prefix - is a sequence of digits which can be prepended to the dialed number.


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