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Talkonaut 3.0.0 released

10th of July 2007.

Features break-through. For the last four months our team has been working hard on adding more features to Talkonaut application. We were trying to implement almost all feature requests we received, yet not leaving bugs without thorough attention. So, we are proud to announce the 3rd release of our Talkonaut mobile application which we hope will satisfy your expectations. We believe that now Talkonaut is the most complete mobile IM client ever available!

  • New features (since 2.0.0):

    Improved and restructured user interface.

    User-defined contact groups and tabs.

    Built-in smileys.

    Multiple languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Intalian, Ukranian and Russian.

    Viewing and editing vCards.

    Extended conference support.

    Conference moderation.

    Conference private chat.

    Service Discovery support.

    Registration to other IM transports and services.

    File transfer.

    GPRS traffic compresstion using ZLib.

    Support for QWERTY inputs.

    Support for navigation using key-pad.

    Support for in-line inputs (including MTAP and T9) for a number of phone models.

    Support for SIP accounts and Dialing Plans.

  • Bugs fixed:

    Improved IM transports (now they really work!).

    Improved HTTP Binding support, support for WAP (O2 mobile).

    Improved voice calls quality.

    More memory leaks fixed.

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